Data Centre

AWAN has the dual objective of providing a state-of-the-art Tier-4 DC facility and to deliver comprehensive enterprise-class cloud based infrastructure and solutions.

We employ best-in-class technologies and will work closely with leading industry partners and suppliers to deliver this fault tolerant facility. We will also be going “green” by ensuring that our designs & implementation meets the most stringent “green” standards and specifications.

“AWAN” means “Cloud” in Malay


  1. Security – TVRA compliant. Single purpose use as data centre
  2. Power – Power from 2 redundant sources
  3. High density – Enabling cloud applications. Power and cooling up to 20KW per rack.
  4. Design – Tier 4 design. Fully autonomous.
  5. Future proof – Start with what you need, add capacity later.
  6. Privacy – from racks to cages to suites to halls to floors.